Avery® Double-Column Ready Index® Dividers 11320, 16-Tab Set

Product Number: 11320
When you’ve got a big project, flex your organizational muscle with Double-Column Ready Index® Dividers. Designed to handle big projects easily and professionally, these dividers make it a snap to keep everything in order. The Table of Contents page features two columns so you have more space for your text, and it’s easy to customize using the free quick-fill template from avery.ca. You'll get 16 tabs in an innovative double-layer format that are easy to view and access. And because these dividers feature more durable paper, stronger tab reinforcement and double-sided hole reinforcement, you can rest assured they’ll stand up to frequent use. Get a big boost in organizational power with the Double-Column Ready Index Dividers.
  • 3 Ways Stronger to last longer
  • Stronger, Heavier Paper
  • Stronger Tab reinforcement
  • Double Sided Hole Reinforcement
  • Stronger, heavier paper lasts longer, even with frequent use
Product Description:
  • Laser/InkJet
  • 16 Tabs or Sheets per Set
  • 8-1/2" x 11"
  • Multi-Color
  • 3-Hole Punched

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