Looking to get a head start on your DIY holiday gifts? Here are 3 make ahead crafts that are sure to put the happy in happy holidays! Of course you’ll want to start now, because some of these gifts take weeks to complete!

Homemade Flavour Extracts

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Now is the perfect time to get started on one of the most unique and useful gifts from the kitchen. We’re talking about different extracts. Vanilla extract, lemon, mint, orange and several others can be easily made at home and given as gifts to the bakers and gourmands in your life. The trick is to start early (like now-ish).
Extracts require two main ingredients, flavour agents (such as vanilla beans, fresh mint, or citrus peels) and alcohol (the common choices are vodka, bourbon, and rum, with vodka being the most popular choice). To create these tasty mixes, you’ll need to combine your chosen flavour and the vodka in a tightly sealed bottle. Then let it sit in a cool, dark spot for at least a month (see why we told you to start early). Last but not least, create a label for your bottle.

Custom Seasoning Mixes

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Help the gourmets on your gift list expand their culinary horizons with a selection of custom spice blends. Create different ready-to-cook blends like BBQ Blend, Pumpkin Spice, Chili Seasoning, Pizza, and more! Don’t forget to add labels! You wouldn’t want your gift recipients to confuse their pumpkin spice and Cajun blend!

Handcrafted Beverages

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Handcrafted beverages can be just as much fun to give as they are to receive; although they’re definitely among the more time consuming gifts. So, whether you enjoy making wine at a specialty store, or if you home brew your own beer, ginger beer or kombucha tea, you’ll want to get going on your holiday sips. Just remember that when you take time to craft such a fantastic gift, that you’ll want to put extra thought into the quality and design of your label as well. So, definitely look into the top notch results that custom printing can deliver and safe yourself some time as well!

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