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4.65" CD-DVD Label - Grad Owl

4.65" CD-DVD Label - Grad Owl

Bring a stylish sense of achievement to your project with predesigned Grad Owl templates. The playful design features a darling little pink owl perched confidently on a stack of books and wearing top-rimmed glasses and a graduation cap. The adorable woodland creature, inside its light-yellow sphere, nicely accents the design's golden rectangular-shaped overlay, which provides premium space for adding custom text. The design’s color-blocked background features various white-outlined rectangular shapes in various shades of calming blue. The whimsical design makes an excellent choice for projects related to animals, students, education, and graduation. Whooo’s ready to have some fun? Customize your personal or professional project with printable pre-designed Grad Owl templates today!

Shape: CD/DVD

Dimension: 4.65"

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