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2" Scallop Oval Label - Valentine Heart Candy

2" Scallop Oval Label - Valentine Heart Candy

Bring the sweet taste of success to your custom project with pre-designed Valentine Heart Candy templates. The youthful design features the popular conversation hearts that are fun for both kids and adults alike. Each candy heart comes in a pretty pastel color with a saying in pink upper-case letters, including LUV YA on a pink heart, UR SO FINE on an orange heart, KISS ME on a sunny yellow heart, SOUL MATE on a green heart, BE MINE on a sky blue heart, and SAY YES on a purple heart. The customizable design provides light pink and darker pink blocking for dividing the space and highlighting custom text and the heart-shaped candy icons. The design works well for projects related to food, home, school, students, youth, or Valentine’s Day. Get ready to sweeten the deal—customize your personal or professional project with printable pre-designed Valentine Heart Candy templates today!

Forme: Festonnées

Dimension: 2"

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