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  • Create a Countdown Calendar

    22 January, 2020
    Back To School, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Holidays, Wedding

    Count the sleeps till a holiday, vacation, special birthday or some other event with this fun and rewarding DIY countdown calendar! Continue reading

  • How to Package Holiday Baking and Food Gifts

    25 October, 2019
    Christmas, Holidays

    It’s time to start planning the holiday baking and food gifts you’ll create for Christmas,Diwali,Hanukkah, Kwanza , and all of the wonderful wintertime celebrations to come. This year, add some polish to your gifts with packaging and labels that showcase your handiwork and add a personal touch as well. Here are some tips, templates and tutorials to help you get started! Continue reading

  • Small Business Marketing During the Holidays

    8 October, 2019
    Christmas, Marketing Solutions

    When you run a small business, marketing during the holidays can provide unlimited opportunities to expand your footprint and connect with customers year-round. However, it is also a time when competition is at its fiercest. That’s why it’s essential that your brand stands out among the holiday crowds. Continue reading

  • Holiday Gifts For Him

    25 September, 2019
    Christmas, Holidays

    If you put your ear to a window listen carefully, you can hear them - the faint sound of jingle bells ringing in the distance! That’s right. Christmas is coming. It’s almost here. You have so many gifts to buy and there’s never enough time to do it all!

    Continue reading
  • Hot Cocoa To-Go!

    25 September, 2019
    Christmas, Holidays

    When the holidays roll around, there’s one sweet treat that everyone loves to warm up with on a chilly winter night. That’s right: hot chocolate. Try to find someone who doesn’t enjoy getting hot chocolate during the Christmas season. It’s impossible! Especially when the fixings for that soothing warm cup o’ chocolate come in a gorgeously festive package. Continue reading

  • Postcards

    25 September, 2019
    Christmas, Holidays

    Christmas is almost here - an opportunity to show all of your nearest and dearest how much you care about them. Finding the time to prepare yourself for the holidays can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, Avery has plenty of time-saving solutions to make your Christmas prep as simple and fun as possible!

    Continue reading
  • Santa Sacks

    25 September, 2019
    Christmas, Holidays

    Can you feel it? Christmas is almost here!Tired of meticulously wrapping every single gift that you hand out over the holidays Looking for a novel way to showcase your gifts?

    Continue reading

  • Avery Do-It-Yourself Gift Hacks: Cookie Jar

    24 September, 2019
    Christmas, Holidays

    As anyone who has ever dared to enter a mall during the month of December can tell you, Christmas shopping can be hectic at best. Fortunately, there’s no need to brave the crowds to spread a little holiday cheer!

    Continue reading
  • Holiday Gifts For Her

    23 September, 2019
    Christmas, Holidays

    With Christmas racing towards us (led by a flock of reindeer), it’s time for you to get serious about your holiday shopping. All of your nearest and dearest need gifts! If you don’t start early, the responsibility can feel overwhelming. Continue reading

  • Wine Not?

    22 September, 2019
    Christmas, Holidays

    Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a nice bottle of wine over the holidays? However, opening the gift wrapping to see a bottle of wine can feel a little impersonal. Spice things up this year by creating your own personalized labels to transform any bottle of wine into a unique festive treat!

    Continue reading

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