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Five Ways to Create the Best Meeting Ever

Have your meetings become snoozefests? If attendees are dragging themselves to the morning meeting, you're gonna need more than coffee to wake them up. It's time to hit them with something unexpected—we're talking about presenting meeting materials that are far from boring.

A Meeting with customized designs

Wake up your next event with punchy meeting materials customized for the event. With the free Avery Design & Print Online Software you can add a business logo and incorporate company colours to your design, and personalize what you print for each attendee. Meeting supplies are easy to print yourself from your desktop printer, or you can have them printed for you by our professional printing service, Avery WePrint™.


1. Make introductions easier with name badges

These Adhesive Name Badges print together on a sheet. With the unique Peel-Away design, you can separate each one while keeping the backing of each name tag on until ready to apply. Separated name badges are easier to distribute or arrange alphabetically on a table for pick up.

Avery Flexible Name Badges

Flexible Adhesive Name Badges 5395 can be separated with the backing sheet intact.


2. Serve snacks with your company logo on them

No matter how long your meeting is, attendees will appreciate having snacks on hand. Bring in the bagels and donuts, or get a bulk bag of candy to create individual sugar-rush servings.

These mini jars can be found in the wedding favours section of your local craft store. We stuffed them with more gummy bears than we thought possible. The business logo printed on specialty labels gives these snack jars a nice touch that says, "My company can motivate me with candy." Well, maybe that's not exactly the case. But it takes the stuffiness out of the meeting, doesn't it?

Square Labels on Candy Jars

Add your business logo with Square Labels 22805 or other specialty labels available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

3. Make coordinated meeting materials

Hydration is important, even if the most athletic thing you'll do in the meeting is raise a heavy question or sprint through a presentation. These wraparound labels can be customized with your company's name, product tagline or favourite quote from Dale Carnegie. And with Avery Design & Print, you can apply the design from one product to another to create a cohesive look on all your printed materials.


4. Use easy-to-read tent cards on tabletops

Name badges are great for face-to-face encounters. But if your eyesight isn't 20/15, then use tent cards printed with large text to help identify all the important people around the table. Great for panel discussion groups or setting up a seating arrangement at a luncheon or conference.

New Table of Contents Dividers

Tent cards are available in a variety of sizes: medium shown above (2-1/2” x 8-1/2”) and large (3-1/2” x 11”).

5. Create professional-looking meeting materials

Content Dividers

Organize paperwork using Customizable Table of Contents Dividers. Available in 5 tabs, 10 tabs, A to Z tabs, 1 to 31 tabs and other styles.

Yes, we live in a digital age. But if you’ve got handouts, do you want your attendees to search their inbox to find them? Save them the struggle and distribute your presentation at the meeting instead (and send the soft copy later). Ditch the stapled pages of paper and add a sturdy binder and set of dividers. Raise the presentation bar with (such as these Customizable Table of Contents Dividers) and easily add section titles, graphics or company logo to the table of contents page to create dividers with a professional look that will give your meeting a lasting impression.

27 March, 2017
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