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This Back-to-School Tip Saves You Money All Year

You send your kids off to start the new school year. They’re all decked out in their new school clothes, clutching their cool lunch bags and carrying backpacks stuffed with brand new binders, markers and other school supplies.

And then one day your kid comes home from school looking a little lighter. Something’s off. And then they reveal to you, “I lost my (insert personal item here) at school.”

Serious face-palm moment.

Is there a way to avoid this unfortunate situation? Sure. Never trust your kids with personal belongings again. Or, you can do this: add identification labels to anything they take with them. This simple step can save you hours of searching, not to mention shelling out your hard-earned money to replace the lost items. Here are some easy-to-do labeling options that takes just seconds to do, and will make it easier to keep track of your kids' stuff.


Label their gear

lunch bag

You put a bunch of kids and their belongings together, and mix-ups are bound to happen. Like when your kid has a lunchbox featuring this year’s popular cartoon character… just like five other kids in the classroom. With Avery Self-Laminating Labels for Kids Gear you can help cut down on confusion. Just write their name on the label, stick it onto belongings such as their lunchbox, pencil case or water bottle, and there’s no mistaking who owns the item. The labels are water resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe, and stick to a variety of surfaces.

Tag their clothing (and other fabrics)

backpack and shoes

You spent a pretty penny on their new back-to-school clothes. But during the school year, they can wind up abandoned on the playground, sitting lonely in the lost and found, or even make their way into someone else’s closet. Tag them with Avery No-Iron Labels, and finders are less likely to be keepers. These no-sew name tags are easy to attach to hats, clothes, cloth lunch-bags and even backpacks. Just write, peel and stick. Like the name says, there’s no iron required—and they’re designed to withstand multiple washer and dryer cycles.

Mark their supplies

pencil case

It’s easy for simple school supplies to get lost in the hustle and bustle of a busy school day. Kids like to share, but it’s no fun for parents who have to replenish supplies over and over again. Attach personalized labels to their scissors, pens and pencils, and you can keep your supply costs to a minimum over the course of the school year.

This year, make sure your kids' school supplies don’t end up being an unsolved mystery. Take some time at the start of the school year to mark their stuff. With Avery Durable Labels for Kids' Gear and Avery No-Iron Labels, a little identification can go a long way toward making sure your kid’s school tools last them all year round.

24 August, 2016
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