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5½" x 8½" Greeting Card - Buddha

5½" x 8½" Greeting Card - Buddha

Infuse spiritual significance into projects with pre-designed, customizable Buddha templates. The peaceful design features a real-life image of a Buddha statue. Sitting in the lotus position, the Buddha’s right hand gestures thought or debate (vitarka), while its left hand gestures knowledge (jnana). The intricate statue depicts a youthful Buddha with a peaceful, serene expression and a charming smile. The grey statue’s white background offers clear contrast, while remaining space in a subdued shade of green provides a sense of tranquility and plenty of room for adding text. The lovely design works especially well for personal or professional projects related to meditation, yoga, religion, spirituality, classes, education, and retreats. Take a deep, cleansing breath and begin your next project with pre-designed, customizable Buddha templates.

Shape: Rectangle

Dimension: 5½" x 8½"

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