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8½" x 11" Insertable Dividers - Child Education Blocks

8½" x 11" Insertable Dividers - Child Education Blocks

No need to spell it out. Custom projects will make a great impression with pre-designed Child Education Blocks templates. The design features three white square-shaped blocks, one stacked over the other two. The pieces include a letter A block in green with green trim, a letter B block in blue with blue trim, and a letter C block in red with red trim. The design’s white background provides space for adding custom text, while optional yellow or navy-blue rectangular-shaped overlays offer added color and a modular feel. The design works especially well for projects related to family, teachers, tutors, and education. For the building blocks of success, choose printable, pre-designed Child Education Blocks templates for your personal or professional project.

Shape: Rectangle

Dimension: 8½" x 11"

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