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2-11/12" x 3⅜" Name Badge Label - Child Education

2-11/12" x 3⅜" Name Badge Label - Child Education

Share youthful charm with pre-designed Child Education templates. Against a white background, the design features a stick-figure drawing of a little kid in a blue-striped shirt and tan pants and another kid with pigtails wearing a pink-and-red dress—both with the appearance of being drawn by a small child and colored in with crayons. The two smiling friends look eager to begin a new game of kickball or tag. The design provides plenty of space for adding custom text, and it works especially well for projects related to teachers, tutors, youth, students, education, and fundraisers. Bring childlike sweetness to your personal or professional project with printable, pre-designed Child Education templates.

Shape: Rectangle

Dimension: 2-11/12" x 3⅜"

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