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1½" x 2½" Oval Glossy Label - Binder Doodles

1½" x 2½" Oval Glossy Label - Binder Doodles

Bring a blast of all things awesome to your project with pre-designed Binder Doodles templates. Like the name suggests, the youthful design presents a playful assortment of whimsical artwork—potentially pulled straight from the back of a kid’s school binder. The colorful icons represent everything from sunglasses, pink to-go beverages, puzzle pieces, smiling emojis, orange slices, watermelon slices, strawberries, and cherries to peace signs, Xs and Os, diamonds, hearts, stars, fluffy white clouds, and more. A large lime-green clipboard overlay holding a white sheet of paper provides space for adding custom text in a casual font that appears to be printed by hand in pencil. A hot-pink overlay provides added space for messaging. Delightfully charming, the versatile design works well for projects related to retail, parties, birthdays, education, teachers, tutors, and students. Get creative and customize your personal or professional project with printable pre-designed Binder Doodles templates today!

Shape: Oval

Dimension: 1½" x 2½"

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