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1½" x 2½" Oval Glossy Label - Filigree

1½" x 2½" Oval Glossy Label - Filigree

Add simple elegance to your next personal or professional project with easy-to-customize, pre-designed Filigree templates. The basic design features a gentle arc, consisting of two unadorned curved lines with somewhat bulbous off-shoots. The gold-coloured lines extend out and slightly downward from a small turquoise sphere. A mirror-image of the symmetrical design repeats below, creating a graceful above-and-below border-perfect for adding text in between. The design provides plenty of room and options for custom text, and with some variation, the background comes in pastel turquoise or plain-white with pastel-turquoise blocking. The basic design works especially well for projects related to retail, beauty, health, parties, weddings, and special events. Quickly and easily customize your project with versatile pre-designed Filigree templates today!

Shape: Oval

Dimension: 1½" x 2½"

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