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2" Round Label - Cinco de Mayo Papel Picado

2" Round Label - Cinco de Mayo Papel Picado

Infuse Mexican-folk-art-inspired style into your custom project with pre-designed Cinco de Mayo Papel Picado templates. Against a solid-red background, the design features a white rectangular-shaped overlay with beautiful, ornate detailing that gives it the look of decoratively cut paper. The overlay's elaborate cut-out detailing includes scalloped lines along the outer edge with pointed tips in each corner, a round red-and-white flower-like bloom accenting the inside corner, and two rows of orderly red squares for a geometric border, which contrasts nicely with the floral curves. The design provides a bold red font for adding custom text, and it works especially well for projects related to food, beverages, birthdays, or parties. Add elegant cultural style to personal or professional projects with printable pre-designed Cinco de Mayo Papel Picado templates.

Shape: Round

Dimension: 2"

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