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2" Round Label - Hanukkah Menorah Blue

2" Round Label - Hanukkah Menorah Blue

Give Hanukkah projects a modern interpretation with pre-designed Hanukkah Menorah Blue templates. The design features nine candles in the traditional menorah configuration and in lovely shades of blue. Each solid or outlined candle stick comes with ornate, decorative lace-like detailing, and each unique round shape up top, which appears either floral or intricately ornamental, symbolizes the flames. Ideal for projects related to Hanukkah, the design offers a beautiful way to represent the holiday tradition. Its white background provides room for adding custom text, and an optional blue line helps define the space. Customize your next personal or professional project with pre-designed Hanukkah Menorah Blue templates.

Shape: Round

Dimension: 2"

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