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2" Round Label - Thanksgiving Fall Feathers

2" Round Label - Thanksgiving Fall Feathers

Bring quintessential fall imagery and creative artistic style to custom projects with pre-designed Thanksgiving Fall Feathers templates. Against a tan background, the design features a forward-facing turkey icon with teardrop-shaped feathers in earthy shades of tan, gold, taupe, white, and red, all fanning outward from her little brown body in a peacock-like display. Fall leaves, including maple, oak, and birch, in matching hues swirl about like an extension of the tail feathers, plus can be used in a set of three for a fun accent. Upward sloped stripes in the same color scheme create an optional border. Add the beauty of the season to your personal or professional project with printable pre-designed Thanksgiving Fall Feathers templates.

Shape: Round

Dimension: 2"

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