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2" x 4" Shipping Label - Carpentry

2" x 4" Shipping Label - Carpentry

Everything you need? Check. Bring a sense of super-prepared DIY status to your project with pre-designed Carpentry templates. The design features the heads of several tools, including a hammer, a paintbrush, silver drill bits, a yellow level, a red pencil, and more. As if containing the upright tools, the design’s pine-colored horizontal wood panels offer space for nicely highlighting custom text in a brown or black font. White space above the tools can also be used for key messaging. The design works especially well for projects related to cleaning and housekeeping, construction and trade, and Father’s Day. Add a sense of craftsmanship to your project with printable, pre-designed Carpentry templates.

Shape: Rectangle

Dimension: 2" x 4"

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