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2" x 4" Shipping Label - Grad Cap

2" x 4" Shipping Label - Grad Cap

Add a formal sense of accomplishment to your project with pre-designed Grad Cap templates. The design features the word “grad” in a bold black font and fitted with a black graduation cap. The graduation cap can also be placed at the center of the design's official-looking seal, which comes with scalloped edging and an inset cut-out border. Easily add a personal photo and/or custom text to the beige background. A panel of colorful vertical stripes—in complementary shades of pink, orange, brown, white, light blue, and dark grey—provide added visual interest. The stylish design works well for projects related to education, teachers, tutors, and graduation, as well as finance, insurance, and fundraisers. Encourage your personal or professional project to achieve and succeed—customize it with printable pre-designed Grad Cap templates.

Shape: Rectangle

Dimension: 2" x 4"

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