Here's what information is required on your jam labels in Canada.

canadian food label requirements

Are you planning to go to market with a winning jam, sauce, relish or other produce-based product? If so, congratulations on taking this exciting next step!

As you begin considering your product’s packaging, be sure to take note of the various rules and regulations that govern food labelling in Canada. In today’s blog, we’re looking at Canadian food labelling requirements that would specifically pertain to jarred condiments and sauces like jam.

Label Requirements for Jarred Condiments and Sauces Sold Within Your Province

In Canada processed fruit and vegetable products such as jams, sauces, and the like must abide by the labelling requirements outlined by the FDA, FDR, SFCR (Safe Food for Canadians Regulations), and SFCA (Safe Food for Canadians Act). The primary information requirements for all products such as jam, jelly, fruit butter, salad dressing, sauces, relish or pickles and the like include the following:

• Bilingual Labeling
• Common Name
• List of Ingredients and Allergens
• Net Quantity
• Nutrition Labelling
• Presence of Additives and Sweeteners
• Fortification
• Grades
• Country of Origin
• Date Markings and Storage instructions
• Name and Principal Place of Business

Individual Provincial regulations may exist in addition to these outlined Federal regulations, so be sure to look into what your province of sale may also expect.

Interprovincial Trade and Exportation

In addition to the federal requirements and any label details outlined by your province there are some additional regulations specific to interprovincial trade that you might need to consider. While many of these regulations are specific to packaged whole fruits and vegetables, there is one notable regulation specifically aimed at marmalade. Orange marmalade made from Seville or other bitter orange varieties must display the word “Seville” or “Bitter” on the label.

Label Like a Pro

Now that you know about Canadian food labelling requirements, it’s time to start labelling like a pro! Visit our custom canning labels page to get started!