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Custom Printed Arched Labels

Are you looking for a Label shape that is a great alternative to using a basic rectangle, particularly for your jarred or bottled product? Then an Arched label is a wonderful choice. With a curved edge and three straight edges, the arched labels are a good option when you've got a brand to fit in the arch and product info to fit in the rest of the body of the label. With various size options that will suit most containers, arched labels (AKA Domed labels) offer a unique alternative and some incremental design space for your product or project. Depending on the layout of your design, you don't have to restrict the arch to the top of your design - flip the label on its side & add a circular message to your otherwise rectangular design. We stop short of calling them heavenly arches, but the arch is definitely an interesting alternative worth considering. From our 1.75" arched-top square to a much larger 3.5" x 4.75" arch label, there is definitely a size to suit almost every design need.