Your online business may be small, but you probably have big hopes. You work hard to present your products and build a business that represents you, your style, and your talent. But when you can’t meet customers face-to-face on the web, how can you make sure your business expresses your unique personality?

Here are some ideas on how to punch up your products, packaging, and promotional materials to increase the visibility of your brand and help market your business.

Power up your brand on products

Send your products out into the world with their proper identification—your brand. Avery offers a variety of easy-to-use printable products to label, bag, and tag your goods. And to customize, the free Avery Design & Print Online  offers pre-designed and blank templates so you can add your business logo, text, and images.

Avery Round, Oval, and Square Labels make a great presentation for products in boxes, bottles, and bags. These permanent labels allow you to print to the edge, so you can print full-color backgrounds for a standout look. 

Avery Arched Labels feature a unique shape and texture that adds an elegant look to your products. These labels are ideal for branding chilled products as the permanent adhesive and colors stay put when wet.

Psst! Small business tip: When you print labels from your computer instead of ordering from a printing company, you’ll have the freedom to create as many labels as you need, when you need it. No need to commit to a large bulk order!

soap labelling

Make it match with your mailing and shipping

When you’re ready to send your products to customers, make your mailing and shipping packages look just as enticing on the outside as the products they contain inside. Create labels that match your products with Avery Shipping Labels and Avery Design & Print Online for a professional, coordinated look. Tips to try:

Business logo. Get your brand out there, even on your mailing materials. Add your business logo to mailing labels so consumers can instantly identify the packages they receive from you.

Colours. Want your shipping boxes to stand out? Use colors on your mailing labels that represent your business to make your packages “pop.”

Presentation. Give your packages a clean, professional look, even when reusing cardboard boxes for shipping. Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock® Technology completely cover up existing markings or old labels underneath, so packages look good, and shipping information is easier to read.