So what if your neighbours are known for their award-winning rose bushes or that awe-inspiring display of shiny cars in the driveway? You’ll be turning more heads than a heavy-duty power screwdriver once they take a peek inside your garage.

That’s right—you can convert that cluttered man cave into the envy of the neighbourhood. With just a few organization supplies, you’ll be able to spruce up this space in a single afternoon. Get ready to throw down the gauntlet and get your garage looking gorgeous in no time with these simple tips.

Find a home for everything from nuts to bolts
durable labels

Where are those six-inch coarse steel hex-head wood screws when you need ‘em? Right where they belong, in your hardware organizer with labeled drawers. Identify everything from bits and bolts to nails and nuts at a glance. Just grab your choice of Avery Permanent I.D. Labels, and personalize and print for free at Avery Design & Print Online. These sturdy labels are designed with stick-and-stay construction that’s built to last.

Create a window into your storage box
durable labels
When your garage does double-duty as a storage centre, clearly labeled boxes make it easy to identify their contents without rummaging through them. When the contents of your boxes change, there is a simple way to reuse boxes and update the information with Avery Removable Labels. Just quickly peel off the old label, print new ones, peel and stick. Add a fun image or design for quick reference.

Tag your tools for instant identification

durable labels
Objects can’t speak for themselves. But when you attach a laminated label, they’ll be able to communicate important messages, such as to whom they belong, your contact information, warnings, and more. Avery Easy Align Self-Laminating Labels can do so much more than just organize and identify. The label material is UV resistant, providing extra protection against exposure to sun and other harsh environments. They’re also water resistant, so surfaces can be wiped clean. Labels resist scuffing, tearing and smudging, so they remain intact and easy to read. Just personalize, print,  and seal the labels

Start a garage organization revolution in your neighbourhood, and lead the way to a clutter-free community. By sharing tips and helping each other get more organized, you and your neighbours will not only build a better bond, you’ll all have garages everyone can be proud of!

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