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3½" x 5" Étiquette Industrielles - Assistant SGH

3½" x 5" Étiquette Industrielles - Assistant SGH

Need to meet CCOHS and GHS safety regulations? This design can help. Pre-designed GHS Wizard templates make it easy to incorporate Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) content into your project. The design features standard symbols for various hazards like flammable, gases under pressure, explosive, oxidizers, health hazard, acutely toxic, and corrosion. Each pictogram reflects the hazard in black silhouette against a white background and framed by a red diamond-shaped border. Words like “SUBSTANCE” and “HAZARD PRECAUTION” in a bold black font and open space for custom text promote added clarification and information. Use the design for projects like a caution sign, safety signs, or warning signs, labels, and stickers (like a warning biohazard sticker, warning explosive material label, or warning respiratory hazard sign). Conveniently customize your professional project with printable pre-designed GHS Wizard templates.

Forme: Rectangulaire

Dimension: 4¾" x 7¾"

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