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3½" x 5" Étiquette Industrielles - Exclamation industrielle

3½" x 5" Étiquette Industrielles - Exclamation industrielle

Add a message of caution to your project with pre-designed Industrial Exclamation templates. Against a white background, the design features the internationally recognized general-warning exclamation symbol (a black exclamation mark over a yellow triangle outlined in black) to visually communicate caution. For added clarity, the design includes a golden-yellow banner with the phrase “HANDLE WITH CARE” in a bold black font and in all caps. The design provides space for adding custom text, and it works well for a wide range of industries, including janitorial and sanitation, health and safety, transportation and logistics, and facilities and MRO, whether creating warning signs, safety signs, a caution sign, a printable sign, or label stickers. Customize your professional project with printable pre-designed Industrial Exclamation templates today.

Forme: Rectangulaire

Dimension: 7¾" x 4¾"

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