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4¾" x 7¾" Étiquette Industrielles - Propriété industrielle de

4¾" x 7¾" Étiquette Industrielles - Propriété industrielle de

Infuse a natural sense of style into your project with pre-designed Industrial Property Of templates. The pleasing design features a floral icon consisting of a petal-shaped double-pointed oval that repeats clockwise around a round open space, fanning open and growing larger and darker, from yellowish green to dark forest green. The phrase “PROPERTY OF” in a bold, black font and in all caps provides a clear indication of ownership, and there’s space for adding custom text, like a specific department or company name. The bilingual design works well for any industry, including those related to teachers, health and safety, or facilities and MRO, whether creating printable signs, removable stickers, or labels. Customize your professional project with printable pre-designed Industrial Property Of templates today.

Forme: Rectangulaire

Dimension: 11" x 8½"

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