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9¾" x 1¼" Étiquettes enveloppantes - Tricot

9¾" x 1¼" Étiquettes enveloppantes - Tricot

Get inspired when creating personal or professional projects with predesigned Knitting Crafts templates. The customizable design features a realistic image of a wicker basket filled with skeins of yarn and a pair of double-ended needles secured criss-cross through the yarn, as if waiting to get started on that next baby blanket or pair of socks. A semi-transparent overlay with a border of interesting dips and curves provides designated space for adding text. In some variations, the border holds the image of the yarn instead, leaving the rest of the space clean and ready to customize. The design works especially well for projects related to art, knitting classes, retail, parties, home, family, and more. Infuse a sense of creative possibilities into your next project with predesigned Knitting Crafts templates. Knit 4, pearl 2, yarn over, repeat!

Forme: Carré

Dimension: 2" x 2"

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