Here are some tips to help you apply wrinkle-free, bubble-free, tear-free products labels to jars, bottles, boxes and more.

You may be set to give your products stand out appeal with well-designed labels, but are you prepared to apply them like a pro? Nothing detracts from a product's appeal like crooked, wrinkled or otherwise improperly applied labels. If you will be hand applying labels for the first time, or if you have had some challenges applying them in the past, we want you to feel confident knowing that you CAN get those labels on straight, without bubbles, wrinkles or tears.

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1. Prep Your Work Station

It’s important to prevent dust, lint, hair or debris from interfering with your label application process. Before you begin, give your application space a good cleaning, with a disinfecting spray or cleaning wipe.

2. Create a Stabilized Application Area

If you will be labeling spherical packaging, you need to create a stabilized application area to ensure that the bottles or jars won’t roll around when you’re trying to apply your label. This can be anything from a couple of wooden blocks, stacks of paper, or anything else that can stabilize your packaging on two sides.

3. Plan your Position

Rather than trying to estimate the central point of your package, measure and mark the top and bottom corners of your ideal label position.

4. Apply Larger Labels One Section at a Time

If you will be applying a larger label, (think 3⅓" x 4"or larger), rather than removing the entire label from the liner all at once, peel back a small straight section of liner and fold the liner over in a hard crease.

Next, apply the label, bit by bit, starting in your marked corners. Then, slowly remove the rest of the liner, gently wiping the label as you go. This will help you avoid creating air bubbles and wrinkles.

5. Use a Smoothing Tool When Applying Half or Full Sheet Labels

If you will be regularly applying 8½" x 5½" or full sheet 8½" x 11" labels, you can create a diy smoothing tool by wrapping an old gift card (or similar) in felt. This tool can help you safely smooth away any air bubbles as you apply your label.

Adding attractive, eye-catching labels to your products begins with choosing labels in the right size shape, and material. Whether you’re looking for round labels or rectangles, clear labels, hemp labels, waterproof labels, white, or something else, visit to find the perfect labels for your products or projects.