Bath & Beauty

If you are a maker of Soaps, Lotions or other bath & beauty items, your inspiration is here.

Beard Oil Labels

Create premium labels for beard oil and other men's grooming products.

Candle Labels

Let your candles shine brightly with the best Label for your candles and candle containers

Container Labels

Find the perfect label for whatever shape & size of container your project requires.

Jar Labels

From Mason jars, Bernardin jars to other formats, you can find the perfect label size and shape to highlight your jarred items.

Lip Balm Labels

Let your lip balm product shine when you use the best label for your latest flavour or fragrance.

Soap & Sanitizer Labels

Soap & Sanitizer Labels

Add a clean, crisp look to your soap and sanitizer labels with your choice of label material, shape & size.