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Matte White Labels

A bright white face & permanent adhesive make this paper versatile enough for almost any application.

Cool Matte White

Cool Matte White Labels

The permanent adhesive and cool white face make this label paper an absolute stand-out when compared to basic matte white labels.

Glossy White Labels

One of our most popular label papers, this material provides a photo-quality, high-gloss finish & is perfect for indoor applications.

Removable Matte White Labels

This label paper offers a bright white face & a removable adhesive that sticks, stays put & removes cleanly with no residue.

EcoFriendly Matte White Labels

Made of 100% recycled material using a recyclable adhesive, this matte label paper is processed chlorine free & is an earth-friendly alternative.

Matte White Labels with TrueBlock® Technology

This matte label paper features our patented opaque backing that completely conceals outdated information & everything underneath.

Dissolvable White Labels

This white label paper dissolves completely when washed by hand or dishwasher, leaving no sticky residue!