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Arched - NEW





Arched - NEW





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Matte White Paper

Matte White Paper

Glossy White Paper

Removable Matte White Paper

EcoFriendly Matte White Paper

Dissolvable Paper

Removable Decal Vinyl Film - NEW

Glossy Clear Film

Soap and Candle Film - NEW

Kraft Brown Paper

Hemp Fiber Paper - NEW

Gold Foil Paper

Silver Foil Paper

Neon Pink Paper

Neon Green Paper

Neon Yellow Paper

Neon Red Paper


3½" x 21332"

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3½" x 21332"

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Premium Labels That Make Your Jars Stand Out

Avery Canada offers a wide range of customizable labels in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials so you can find the perfect fit for any jar. Whether you’re labeling jams or sauces, condiments, salad dressings, marinades or anything else for sale, as gifts or promotions, we’ve got the right label for the job. And with our wide assortment of available sizes, you can find a great label for not only the front of your jar, but also for the back of the jar and the lid to list ingredients or company information. 

  • With many arched, oval and band labels, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your chosen jar or lid (or both)
  • Free jar templates with instant proof to personalize your stickers
  • Try one of our new unique shapes to help your jarred items stand out on the shelf
  • Fast, free shipping over $50 & 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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