You don’t need to be an artist to add vibrant fun to your bullet journal

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Do you love the idea of keeping a bullet journal, but worry that you haven’t the artistic ability to create those wildly charming and beautifully colourful hand drawn spreads? Fear not, because there are definitely some easy ways to infuse your BuJo with fun pictures, pops of colour and vibrant splashes of personality. Drawing skills not required!

Let Avery make it easy for you to get started this new year! Here are some easy and inspiring ways to use labels, UltraTabs and other products to infuse your BuJo with fun.

Create Custom Labels

bullet journal bullet journal bullet journal bullet journal bullet journal

Since labels come in so many different sizes and shapes you’ll find they make a great way to organize your index, different logs and collections. Create calendar grids with square labels or list headers with small rectangles. You can even use clear labels for a more seamless look.
You can create your journal labels using one or more of our free online templates, or create a completely unique look by starting from scratch with a blank label and customizing to suit your needs.

Make Printable Stickers

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Printable stickers are another great way to add personality to your bullet journal. Avery Sticker Project Paper and our collection of sticker templates make it easy for you to create callouts, arrows, stars, bubbles, DIY washi strips and a variety of other colourful accents. You have the option of changing colours and wording to truly make these stickers your own.

Colour Coding

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Colour coding is a natural method of organization to use in a bullet journal. It gives you convenient, at-a-glance buckets for entries by people, by event, and more. Our colour coding labels come in round and rectangular formats, in a variety of vibrant colours, and in various sizes. Definitely keep a supply on hand to organize calendars, habit trackers and more!

Alongside your colour coding labels, easily extend your colour coordinating with highlighters. The Avery HI-LITER® features a smear safe formula, that allows you to make your mark precisely where you want it, without worrying that it will smear.

Create Colourful Navigation

Add colour from the inside out with colourful index tabs. Not only will they make it easier for you to flip right to collections and log, but they add a fun burst of colour to your journal whether it open or closed.

Avery UltraTabs™ are colourful, durable, and repositionable, making it easy to use them throughout your bullet journal. They’re available in a selection of brights, pastels, and primary colours, and in five different sizes. For extra fun, choose a pack of our patterned UltraTabs, or add your own designs! Since the double-sided, smudge-free tabs can be written or drawn on with pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters, you can customize them to be a perfect fit with the existing look of your bullet journal.

If you use Avery products to add colour to your bullet journal, be sure to share the finished results on social media using hashtag #MadeWithAveryCA!

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