You’ve done the research and invested some serious bucks, and now your personal dream has come to life—you’ve launched your retail business. And in order to thrive, it’s customers that you need.

With the right mix of merchandising strategies, you can create an environment that brings customers through your door, encourages them to make a purchase, and have them return again and again, building loyalty for your business. Check out these merchandising ideas to help you rev up some revenue.

Give ‘em a sign

Those window shoppers out there might just be looking for the right invitation to come in. Entice them through your door by announcing a new product, sale or event they won’t want to miss. Just customize labels using the free Avery Design & Print Online program with your message, and stick them to your storefront windows and even in-store on walls. You can easily update your signage with your next promotion.

Showcase your stuff

Whether you want to create excitement for new products or make it easy for your customers to find popular items in your store, tried and true visual display techniques can help you get the customers’ attention and even encourage them to make a purchase.

• When you’re arranging your display, remember the rule of three, according to Humayun Khan in his article Visual Merchandising 101: How to Create Store Designs With High-Converting Displays. What that means is arranging your products in sets of three, side by side, such as by size: short, medium and tall, or by price/quality: good, better and best.

• Another strategy is to create an interactive display. Especially useful when it’s a new type of product, that’s where you take the product “out of the box” and put it in a realistic setting. Customers will be able to handle the actual product and better envision how they will use the product themselves.

• Create an easy takeaway. Whether you’re encouraging customers to try a free sample of your product, packaging small items for shipping, or putting together small impulse purchase items for your counter.

Make it pop off the shelves

How do you focus the spotlight on certain products on a shelf without rearranging your store? Make that section of the aisle stand out by breaking up the scenery with attractive ways to catch your customers’ eyes.

• Call out sales, promotions, or key product information that can be customized in a snap with Avery Design & Print Online.

• Grab their attention with strategically positioned coupons. Place coupons next to their respective items making it convenient for customers to grab a coupon and be enticed to make a purchase while saving some money.

• Let technology do the talking. Digitally connect customers to online coupons, demos, videos, and other online media instantly with QR barcodes placed on your products. Customers can scan the barcode with their smart phone and access information instantly. Plus, there’s no special equipment required. Just go to Avery Design & Print Online and print onto Avery Square Labels, designed for optimal barcode reading.

With the right mix of merchandising techniques and the help of easy-to-use Avery Branding and Merchandising products, you can create an engaging shopping experience that can turn casual shoppers into loyal customers. Keep your displays fresh and inviting, and you’ll be sure to create some buzz for your business.