Planning a wedding is exciting, but it can also be very stressful and expensive. One way to keep costs down is to plan every detail, just as a professional wedding planner would. It takes patience, creativity and most of all organization. But with a little planning, your special day can be everything you’re hoping for.

Keeping It All TogetherYou will soon be overrun with lists, contracts, reminders and receipts. Don’t let things get lost or confused. Get beautiful full-size or mini binders with coordinating accessories to help keep you organized and your wedding plans on track. Use sheet protectors, binder pockets or business card holders to store swatches, photos, magazine articles and business cards. Calendar pages can help you keep all your appointments and reminders in check. Customize a personalized cover at Avery Design & Print Online to make your planner all your own.

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Divide & Conquer

A binder is not only a good place to hold all your wedding plans, it’s the perfect place to keep everything organized. Plan on lots of sections to keep things orderly. Divide your binder into various sections. Start with 12 to 15 categories. You can always add more as you need to. Here are some suggestions to get you started:


Print out monthly calendars from now until your wedding date. Pencil in key dates, so you can see your timeline taking shape.

To-Do List

Start writing down all the things that need to be done, big and small. From finding the wedding site to buying the rings, planning the honeymoon and even taking dance lessons if you need them.

The Budget

Here’s where you’ll track the cost of every part of your wedding. From bouquets to boutonnieres, bridal gown to thank you notes.

The Attire

Go through magazines. Pull out pictures that look interesting to you and stores that look promising.

The dress

You’ll have a list. So will your fiancé. Both sets of parents will, too. Let the negotiations begin!


Where will you hold the ceremony? Where will the reception be? There are so many options. Start investigating and keep track of the choices.

Food & Beverage

Will you bring in a caterer or does your venue supply food? Will it be sit down or buffet? What about the wedding cake?

Wedding Party

How many attendants will you have? What will they wear? What will your parents wear?

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Who’s coming? Who’s not? Whose invitation got lost in the mail? Keep track of your guests here.


A nightmare in the making, but at least you can find free seating software to help you plan your table seating.


Will you have a DJ? A band? What song will they play for your first dance? Keep a list of your must-have tunes here.

Vendor List

From the caterer to the florist, photographer to limousine driver there, are lots of people that will contribute to making your wedding special. Keep all their contact information in one handy place.

Gift Registry

Keep track of the things you’ve asked for and the things you’ve received.

Honeymoon Plans

From brochures of exotic destinations to airline flight schedules, keep all your honeymoon plans together.

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Important Papers

Contracts, forms and all sorts of important papers can get misplaced with so much going on. Keep them all together so they’re easy to access when you need them.

Do Your Own Thing

Of course every wedding is meant to be unique and a reflection of the two people getting married. So create your own categories and do your own thing. Just keep track of it all and enjoy your special day!