How to Print on 4" x 6" Label Sheets

When printing on Avery 4" x 6" products please ensure that your printer can hold the products snugly. Some printers may have a paper tray especially for 4” x 6” products; however, if your printer does not, gently slide the paper guide on your printer feed over to the 4-inch width position.

Your next step is to change your printer settings. Some printers will automatically change to 4" x 6" printing when you adjust the paper guide, but most printers require you to change the settings in the dialogue box.

To change your settings, begin by clicking Print. Next, access the Paper Size setting in your printer dialog box. Alternatively, you may need to look in Properties, Preferences, or Advanced Settings. While in the printer dialogue box, you will also need to change the paper or media type. Lastly, change settings from Plain Paper to Labels, Heavyweight or Cardstock. You can also choose Photo if none of these settings are available on your printer.

Note: not all printers support 4" x 6" or custom paper sizes. If you cannot find the option to print 4" x 6", we would suggest contacting your printer manufacturer for further assistance.