Avery’s White Rectangle labels can be used for shipping, organizing, marketing, celebrations, crafting and more!
Product Labels
Here are some of the many ways that our most versatile labels can help you get the job done! The labels we have historically referred to as Shipping Labels and Mailing Labels are now simply known as White Rectangle Labels. That is because you, our valued  consumers have shown us over the years that Avery’s classic white paper labels can be used on so much more than just envelopes, pouches, and parcels! The label sizes go from ½” x 1 ¾” all the way up to full sheet 8 ½” x 11” sheets. That means we have the perfect sizes for projects both big and small! Here are some of the most common uses for Avery White Rectangle Labels.

Product Labels

Avery White Rectangle Labels are excellent for product labelling tasks. The bright white labels provide a vibrant background and reliable sticking power for products in boxes, pouches, bags, and other containers. Use them as the primary label for packaged products or in a supporting role to display pricing, ingredient lists and other pieces of supplementary information.

Organization Labels

White rectangle labels make it easier to create a place for everything, so you can put everything in its place! Use them to label files, binders, shelves, storage spaces and much more.

Gift Giving

Simplify gifting by creating preprinted sheets of to/from labels. Use them for Christmas and other holiday gifting occasions, birthdays, showers, graduations, and more! We have an extensive library of designs for use with white rectangle labels of all sizes. Looking for something custom? You can also apply your own designs using our Free Design & Print Online tool.

Shipping and Mailing

Of course, this list would not be complete without mentioning shipping and mailing!  Avery White Rectangle Labels are still Canada’s choice for premium shipping and mailing labels. Use the Avery® Design and Print Online tool to import data from Excel®, Outlook® and more. Jam-free and Smudge-free Guaranteed to ensure perfect labels every time! The permanent adhesive ensure these versatile labels stay put on envelopes, pouches, parcels and more.

Looking for Something Waterproof?

If you need a White Rectangle Label that can stand up to splashes, drips, and even dunks, our line of Waterproof Labels will get the job done! Avery White Rectangle Labels are an indispensable essential to keep on-hand in the office, in schools, hospitals, small businesses, at home, and countless other establishments. Find the right rectangle labels for your next project here: https://www.avery.ca/en/products/labels/white-rectangle-labels.html