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Find the perfect shape for any use. Work, Home, or Business, Avery has the perfect shape you need to get the job done!

Rectangle Labels

Add a rectangle label for a professional look to make your packages, gifts, or boxes stand out from the crowd. Label shipping envelopes, containers, and more, with plenty of space for contact information.

Round Labels

Deliver a professional finish with a round label. A perfect addition for gift boxes, soaps, candles, jam jars, lids, envelopes and more. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Oval Labels

Add your logo to an oval label to give your merchandise a signature look. Also great for use as decorative touches on canisters, envelopes and other crafting projects.

Square Labels

Give packaging a contemporary look with a square label to show off your merchandise. Great for branding products, wedding decorations, invitations, parcels, and more. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Arched Labels

Dress up wine bottles, jars and other containers with an arched label for a perfect finished look. Great to use on products for promotions, weddings, gifts, or party favours.

Scalloped Labels

An elegant touch to any project for all your crafting ideas. Add a decorative scalloped-shaped label to parcels, greeting cards, gift boxes, wedding favours for a creative and decadent finish.

Star Labels

The perfect addition for envelopes, legal documents, and certificates. Add a seal to dress up holiday mailers, scrapbooks, cards, and more. Available in a variety of colours to suit your project needs

Flourish Labels

Add a touch of floral whimsy with a flourished-shaped design to adorn your kitchen jars, gift boxes, and other creative projects. The ornamental design comes in a variety of finishes and sizes.

CD DVD Labels

Give your portfolio or latest album a professional look. A great addition to your personal music collection, home videos and more. Available in both permanent or removable adhesive.