What You Missed in Custom Print in 2023! 

2023 was a big year for Custom Print at Avery! From the launch of our new Card Lineup to our New Custom Stickers, there are so many options with our new products at Avery! 

Our New Card Lineup features 2 new Cardstock Materials, Our Standard Cardstock is great for all purposes, while our new Premium Cardstock can help bring your products to the next level. From offering new shapes and sizes on our existing Business Cards and Postcards, we are now offering Invitations, Tickets, Candle Dust Covers, Tent Cards and so much more. Shop the new lineup today to see what you can add to your business portfolio!

Or are you looking for a new way to show your creativity or promote your business? Avery's New Custom Printed Stickers are the perfect way to ensure you stand out among the rest. Featuring our New Custom Shape option, you will have the ability to create your perfect stickers in new and custom design options. Our stickers are printed for you on our new Sticker Vinyl Material, perfect for adhering to all surfaces while not damaging your product! 

Custom Cards 

Add a professional polish and standout appeal with printable, high-quality essentials. Create Business Cards, Tent Cards, Invitations, Candle Dust Covers and more!

Custom Stickers

The perfect addition to all your small business needs, a sticker can be a great marketing tool and having one that is unique to you makes it even more special!

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