It's never too early to teach your kids how to keep a clean and organized room. From toys and games to shoes and clothes, if they learn at an early age that everything has its place, this lesson will lead to a life of organization.

That's where Avery comes in. Avery Labels aren't just for adults. And with the free Avery Design & Print Online tool, personalizing labels can actually be fun with colorful and playful design options for everyone in your family. The easy-to-use program is all online so no downloading is needed. With our unique products and simple online design program, you and the kids can conquer the clutter and be all set for school.

Seasonal storage is a snap

Seasons change and so does the stuff we use. Keep the happy memories, ditch the mess. Whether you're transitioning from summer to fall or from winter to spring, our wardrobes, outdoor gear and toys change too. Organize and tuck away your seasonal items but make it easy for yourself next year with easy identification. 

Neatness gets a longer shelf-life

Want to teach Junior the importance of order? Or are you just yearning for some sanity when getting the kids off to school each morning? They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are a great way to make closet and bookshelf organization easy for you and the kids. Add colourful backgrounds and fun designs, and it just might entice your little ones to put things away for once. List the contents of a drawer or designate shelf space — print anything you want on these tags, and make cleanup a no-brainer.

Pack, play, then put it all away

If you like keeping your children’s stuff in boxes or containers, Printable square labels provide a description of what goes inside, whether it's toys or school supplies. And when you need to update the information, it’s as easy as printing another card insert and simply switching out the old one. Now, we can’t guarantee the kids will tidy up on their own, but at least you and your little ones will know what goes where.

closet clean up

Clutter control for the closet

If your kids share closet space, more organization can mean less squabbling over belongings. Who has time to look through a sea of clothing? Just divide and conquer that mess of a closet. To organize racks, create nifty dividers and attach to the closet rod. Dividers are perfect for organizing and identifying clothing by child, size or occasion. Hunting for those rarely worn party dresses or the hand-me-downs that are now just the right size can be as simple as scanning your hangers.

Make the switch to a new season in style. From packing up the seasonal stuff to organizing clothing, toys and school supplies, our labeling ideas will help you get your family organized in no time. Fresh and playful pockets with card inserts, shelf and rack organizers, and versatile labels can help make your home the most clutter-free and kid-savvy house on the block.