Avery Kids Labels, ID All Your Kid's Gear!

Avery® Kids Self-Laminating Labels ensure that all your kid's belongings come back home! Unique, fun, colourful self laminated labels are extra durable to stand up to kids! A fun way to ID your children's belongings! Label items with Avery® Kids Self-Laminating Labels, and never lose their items again!

Simply write on label with any permanent marker, seal label with attached laminated overlay, and stick onto your items. Identify lunch boxes, toys, electronics, plastics and more! Avery® Kids Self-Laminating Labels are waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe. On the go labeling, that lasts!

Ideas and Inspiration

Toy room organization labels

Cleanup Tips for Clutter-free Kids' Rooms

It's never too early to teach your kids how to keep a clean and organized room. From toys and games to shoes and clothes, if they learn at an early age that everything has its place, this lesson will lead to a life of organization.

Personalized birthday party decoration

Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

Someone special's got a birthday coming up. Want to throw them a party they won't forget? We've put together some fun ideas you can personalize and create with Avery labels, free templates, plus basic supplies you can find at your local store. Let's get the party started!