Valentine's Day

Make Valentine's Special with 15% Off Heart Shapes Labels and Our Speciality Neon Pink Paper!

Marketing and Merchandising

Add professional polish and standout appeal with printable, high-quality essentials. Create product labels and display cards, price tags, loyalty cards, and more!

Order Packing and Shipping

Printable shipping labels in a variety of materials and sizes, for reliable printing and easy application. Order-packing essentials like thank you cards, promotional cards, tags, and labels. 

Business Organization

Keep the day to day business of running your business organized with binders, dividers, identification labels, and other items.


Create your own short-term signage with printable, removable vinyl
labels, and static cling labels for glass, windows, and metal surfaces.

Personalize Easy-to-Use templates

Easily add a personalized touch to all your packages, letters, cards, sender's address labels and more. Our FREE, easy-to-use Avery Design & Print Online software contains thousands of templates that will help you customize each of your mailing projects and get them perfected quickly. 

Save time! Our artwork is easily customizable and will apply to all our products for a consistent look. Simply click on the template you like and customize it. Click on Preview & Print and make a selection under Apply Design to another product.

The demand for locally made, handcrafted items is higher than ever before, as an increasing number of Canadians look to support their local economy. 

Here are some tips to help you apply wrinkle-free, bubble-free, tear-free products labels to jars, bottles, boxes and more

Have you noticed, QR codes are back, and they are everywhere!