Let Avery Help You Brand Your Business

With a complete line of specialty products and free templates, Avery has the tools you need to successfully showcase your brand. Avery offers a versatile collection of branding and merchandising products for a professional finish.


Avery offers a wide selection of products in various sizes, shapes, textures and colors to help you brand your business, your way. Create and print on your own printer - or let Avery WePrint professionally print for you.

Soap label

Round Labels

Elevate your brand with an all-around perfect canvas. An excellent choice for lids and jars of all sizes.

Jar labels

Oval Labels

Perfect for wide jars, bags, boxes and other containers. Can be placed horizontally or vertically.

Canning labels

Square Labels

Boost the appeal of your products and packages. 

Wine bottle label

Arched Labels

Create unique, water-resistant labels for bottles, jars and other containers.

Garden Labels

Durable Labels

Make a statement in any environment with labels that resist moisture, scuffing and tearing.

Label for boxes

Rectangular Labels

Add a rich feel or printed-on look to jars, boxes and brochures with a rectangular label.

Personalized water bottle labels

Wraparound Labels

Showcase your brand in a unique way - great for water bottles, canisters, envelopes and more.

Clear labels for shampoo and beauty products

Glossy Clear Labels

Create a printed-on look to show off contents or packaging for an eye-catching and professional look.

Design Your Brand Material



The Pantry Fine Cheese Toronto

Their passion for cheese drove Jeremy & Kathryn to follow their dreams and open their own shop boutique shop, The Pantry Fine Cheese. Selling a vast variety of artisanal cheeses, they use Avery Labels and Business Cards to brand and identify new cheeses, jams and products to suit their growing business’ needs.


Greenaid Seedbombs

Daniel and Kim turned a simple idea of using a gumball machine to dispense seedbombs into a growing business. Passionate about products that empower people, they use Avery Labels, templates and designs to print labels just the way they want.


West Coast Roasting

Turning a craft into your own business can be an exhilarating labor of love, as Nate and Melissa will attest. Their mission is to provide jaw-droppingly good coffee, and Avery labels and templates make it easy to market their products.

Ideas and Inspiration

Soap, shampoo, candle labels

Professional Printing Made Easy

Save time and ink with Avery WePrint, our professional printing service. You create it, WePrint and deliver to your door.

Custom retail product labels

Smart and Savvy Ways to Market Your Unique Business

Your business has a lot to offer - so let the world know all about it. Avery offers a line of marketing solutions designed to help your small business make a big impact.

Honey labels

Create the Right Impression with Your Business Logo

A business logo is often one of the first things your customers see on business cards, product packaging, marketing materials, and your website.

Plant labels with barcodes

How to Create Your Own Barcodes

Using a barcode scanner available on most smartphones, people can scan the barcode and connect digitally to your website, online coupons, videos, and other digital media instantly.

Labelled sauce jars

The Inside Scoop on Merchandising Your Products

With the right mix of merchandising strategies, you can create an environment that brings customers through your door, encourages them to make a purchase, and have them return again and again.

Products with QRcode labels

Seven Ways to Use QR Codes for Your Business

Despite their high-tech nature, it's easy to create your own QR codes and place them on almost anything.

Labels for candles and essential oils

Selling Online? Make Your Unique Business Pop

Here are some ideas on how to punch up your products, packaging, and promotional materials to increase the visibility of your brand and help market your business.

Free, Easy-to-Use, Software for all your Business Needs

It's easier than ever to brand your business right from your computer or tablet. Using Avery Design & Print or your favorite Adobe® design application, you can easily customize branding labels, brochures, business mailings, promotional signage and more in a few simple steps. Then, print on your own printer - or let Avery WePrint professionally print for you.